Monday, February 15, 2010

Pauline Hanson Emigrating - A Great Day For All Australians

So it seems official!! The collective IQ of Australians is set to rise dramatically, with the racist, anti-immigration dropkick, Pauline Hanson packing up her bags and emigrating to the United Kingdom.

She is claiming that Australia is no longer the "land of opportunity".

Personally, I'm surprised it's taken so long for her to leave. She has been the subject of public ridicule for so many years for her xenophobic ways (a word that she didn't even know the meaning of until she was questioned and humiliated on national television at the outset of her political career... all Aussies will remember the famous retort, "please explain?")

According to the former One Nation leader, she will be selling her Queensland home and is going to be "away indefinitely."

She said, "It's pretty much goodbye forever. I've really had enough. I want peace in my life. I want contentment, and that's what I'm aiming for. I will miss my children and close friends most of all."

Pauline Hanson made world headlines in 1996, when as a new federal MP she criticized multiculturalism in her maiden Parliamentary speech.Unfortunately, the global sensationalist media played it for all it was worth, and even today I have people in Asia citing Hanson as the mouthpiece for all Aussies... and often they consider Australia as a very racist place due to her widely-publicized rants. In fact, she and her fogies are a very small minority down under - her's is a very sad case indeed.

In March last year. she failed once again to re-enter Queensland Parliament. She has now finally conceded, "I know I will never be given a chance to enter Parliament again."

14 years ago, she won the federal seat of Oxley in Queensland. At the time, she was endorsed as the Liberal candidate for the seat. She was later kicked out of the party because of her controversial views on race. Shortly thereafter, she formed the One Nation party with David Ettridge and David Oldfield.

Not surprisingly, she lost her seat at the 1998 election. She then tried and failed another four times to be elected to Parliament.

One final message from Aussie Pete to Pauline Hanson - "Good riddens... please never return... luckily the UK has immigration policies that alllow her to settle over there. I wonder how long it will be before she criticizes those policies because she sees too much variety in skin colour living around her?"


From The Australian News:

Media create the "race debate"

The media have done enormous damage to our reputation by portraying Australia as a racist country. They picked up on a few words of Pauline Hanson about being 'swamped by Asians' and turned them into the greatest beat up of the decade.

In his excellent book, "Among the Barbarians - the Dividing of Australia", author and journalist, Paul Sheehan puts the blame squarely on the media for the racist image of Australia. He quotes author, Helen Dodd:

"Styled as the 'race debate', it was never a debate among average Australians. It was written, orchestrated and performed by the media. The media have peddled the idea that Australia is a racist country so widely that our Asian neighbours are beginning to accept this twisted reporting as fact and the media have now placed Australia in a precarious position."

Sheehan says (P165):

"Trevor Watson, a former head of ABC radio, crystallised the problem at a conference on the Australian news media in 1996. 'Today the emphasis seems to be on conflict and sensation. The objective doesn't seem to be to inform the public any more, it seems to be to entertain the public through some sort of conflict.' He described Australia as a tolerant, non-racist country but a very different impression was given to Australia's Asian neighbours by the media's coverage of the Hanson debate. The Hanson public relations disaster for Australia in Asia was largely media-made."



Anonymous said...

I hope this bitch transits in Changi and gets pulled over for drugs!!!!

Unknown said...

Anti-immigration person plans to emmigrate, WTF, is she some kind of hypocrite or what! Sounds like she will have a great career working for the British National Party (racist & anti-immigration political party).