Monday, November 2, 2009

Education is a Critical Factor

When making the decision to plant our roots in Singapore, one of the key contributing factors to consider was the availability of high quality education facilities and programs.

We soon learned that the education system here is among the best and most respected in the world. Singaporeans in general have a very high ethic when it comes to schooling, just as they do in the workplace. This fosters a very unique learning and environment indeed.


I've spoken to many friends and colleagues on this topic, and all things considered, it seems that a high emphasis is placed on academic performance due to the economy being driven by 'service' type commodities.

As we researched the various institutions available, we also became aware of the many scholarships on offer... according to the Ministry of Education (MOE), this is to "ensure that scholars will be able to adjust to life in Singapore. These programmes also aim to develop scholars to their full potential".

The objectives of MOE scholarship programs, are to:

- Ensure the physical and emotional well-being of scholars
- Support proper character development of scholars
- Maximise scholars’ potential
- Encourage outstanding academic performance of scholars

The available scholarships include:

ASEAN Scholarships
The ASEAN Scholarships aim to provide the young people of Asean with opportunities to develop their potential and training them in the skills that will enable them to step confidently into the new millennium.

SIA Youth Scholarships
The SIA Youth Scholarships is offered by Singapore Airlines to outstanding students (completing Standard 10 in the year of application) in India for entry at Pre-University 1 in junior colleges in Singapore. The SIA Youth Scholarships provide the opportunity to study in Singapore which offers high education standards, strong research and collaborative programmes with the world’s best universities. Singapore schools also provide an exciting cultural and intellectual meeting place for international students.

A*Star India Youth Scholarships
The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore) Scholarships is offered to outstanding students (completing Standard 8 in the year of application) in India for studies at Secondary 3 in secondary schools in Singapore which offers high education standards and rich opportunities for research and higher learning. The Scholarships are for those with more than just excellent grades – individuals must want to make a difference with their zest for science.

MOE Scholarships for Pre-University Studies
The Ministry of Education offers various scholarships to outstanding students at the pre-university level, based on their results at the end of Secondary 4 (or equivalent) level in Singapore schools.

Hong Kong Scholarships & Awards
The Hong Kong Scholarships & Awards provides outstanding Hong Kong students with the opportunity for studies in Singapore

For more information on the scholarship programs, be sure to visit the wealth of information at the 'Offical Gateway to Singapore' web portal.


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