Saturday, October 31, 2009

Diversity Breeds Multiculturalism

Many countries across the globe devise strategies and work very hard to promote diversity - whether it be in business or society in general. It is common for instance, for many US-based companies to set goals that need to be achieved in order to meet Government (legal) requirements when it comes to dealing with minority-and-women owned companies.

One of the major reason for the implementation of these strategies, is to strive toward a true multicultural society, where people of all races, colours and nationalities can live in harmony.

Here in Singapore, the respect for cultural diversity comes almost as a 'by-product' of the coming together of people from many, many countries - it has in turn, by default, created one of the world's only true 'multicultural' countries. This can be evidenced for example, by the wide 'sharing' of public holidays - every year we take part in Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu celebrations. How wonderful it is to be a part of such a society!

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But religion alone does not define a culture. Many years (and even centuries) of tradition and values blend to create history that gets passed from generation to generation.

To understand this, you only need attend some of Singapore's cultural "hotspots" - taking in the National Museum of Singapore, tours of the many shophouses, a trek in time through the Changi Museum (this is especially close to my heart, being my first destination to remember fallen Aussies and POWs in WW2 each ANZAC Day dawn), or getting to understand what is Peranakan culture at their new museum... you would only be touching on the fine Arts and Cultures that are a part of Singapore's spirit.

One thing is very clear, and Singapore is the global leader here - there is no doubt that "Diversity Breeds Multiculturalism".

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