Monday, June 15, 2009

Naked World Bike Ride - Better Than Boobs on Bikes? - Didn't See Any In Woodlands?

Warning - embedded video is rated PG and is to be viewed by "Over 16" readers only!!

Most of Aussie Pete blog readers are familiar with New Zealand's "Boobs On Bikes", where porn stars strip off once a year and ride down the streets of Auckland on motorbikes in their 'birthday suits'.

Well seeing 'ordinary' naked people riding pushbikes may not be quite as much eye candy, but it does certainly raise the awareness of cycling safety and environmental issues.

These are the causes that inspired thousands of 'liberal' cyclists from all over the world to bare all on their bikes during the "World Naked Bike Ride". The activity occurred in more than 40 cities (predominately in Europe and the US)... I was looking out along Woodlands Ave 7, but didn't see any participants... I was actually more interested to see if they would obey the rules on the newly constructed 'dual footpaths' - no joy in either case.

According to online news, "One passer-by was dumb-struck when a male rider rode to the curb in his underwear and asked for a light for his cigarette."

Over 1000 cyclists stripped off and took part in this, the 6th annual World Naked Bike Ride in London to protest against oil dependency and car culture. "Cyclists were covered in body paint branded with anti-oil slogans as they rode into London's West End, passing the Houses of Parliament." The safety of the riders was cooridinated by the local police constabulary.

One rider announced, "We took part last year and it was amazing. It's a great cause, it's great to get naked, and it's a great carnival atmosphere. It's one of the best events in London."


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