Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Much Does a Gay Elephant Cost?

As the first ever Gay Pride rally in Shanghai draws to a close, and just a short while after the 'Pink Dot' gathering in Singapore, some of the citizens (and local politician) of Poland are in an uproar over a Gay Elephant... ok, let's called it and 'alleged' Gay Elephant - I don't think he's officially out of the closet yet. :D

It should be noted that the Polish community are not protesting against the sexual preferences of the large beast... it is the amount of money being spent on supposed 'conservation efforts' in the anticipation that the elephant may breed (over 8.3 million Euros)...

But let's get serious - he's still just a boy by elephant puberty standards - who's to say that he won't bat for the opposite team when his discovery and experimentation phase is over?

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Morgana said...

In due time nature will take its course. I think this is a bit premature. And if when he's 14 no sparks, then he's just another one of the girls, isn't he? Honestly, they should leave the elephant in peace.