Thursday, April 23, 2009

From Hi-5 To Cover Girl - Kellie Crawford

Kellie Crawford's photo shoot in an Australian men's magazine has been a hot topic and is full of controversy this week.

On Xmas Eve, 2008, after spending 10-years as one of the key members of the children's entertainment group Hi-5, Kellie quit the immensely popular team of singers and dancers to pursue an acting career.... or at least that's what she told us then.

By all accounts, fans of a different age group will be lining up next Month (May) for a much closer look at the gorgeous 34-year old.

Kellie has outraged family groups by allegedly 'sending a negative message to girls'. According to "Women's Forum Australia" spokeswoman Melinda Tankard Reist, "It's an abuse of her position with tens of thousands of little girls looking up to her"... "The fact she's posed on a cover is particularly problematic because magazines like Ralph are on shop shelves at kiddy eye level..."
"There is no escaping the message she is sending to little girls, that posing in a men's magazine in a soft-porn style is something to aspire to."

Kellie (billed in Ralph as "Hi-5 Hottie Kellie") responded by saying ""After working in children's television for 10 years, and always being pinned into your clothes so no one can see your belly button if you lift your hands up, and always having your cleavage covered, and me being the tomboy of the three girls, it was something I did for myself to remind myself that I am a woman."

Some of the actual photos have been displayed online down-under, only to be removed after "strong requests" by very powerful people... so I'm hoping they want notice Aussie Pete's vlog over here in Singapore :D

Some of the Pics from the Photo Shoot (click to enlarge):

Some of the Pics from the Kellie's Hi-5 Days (click to enlarge):

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