Monday, April 27, 2009

From "Hand Of God" Rock and "Virgin Mary" Cheese on Toast to "Jesus" Kit-Kat - How Much Would You Pay?

It seems that the number of everyday items carrying 'heavenly' images being sold on eBay is escalating to new heights. In the latest incident, a US man has tried to auction off a rock formation in his backyard after becoming convinced it bore the "hand of God".

Paul Grayhek, 52, placed the rock on eBay after it appeared following a "rare" rockfall at his home in northern Idaho last month. But the "Hand Of God Rock Wall", as he dubbed it, has been removed from the auction site despite attracting a high bid of US$2175. There was no explanation for why the item was removed.

Some other "amazing"(?) images include (click on thumbnails to enlarge):

1. A Dutch man travelling to work said he was "shocked" to take a bite out of a Kit-Kat bar and spot what he believed was an apparition of Jesus

2. In 2003, this fence post briefly became the world's most famous piece of wood as pilgrims flocked to see a supposed likeness to the Madonna

3. This chapatti has garnered so much attention it is now on display in a museum in Bangalore, India. A local woman said the image of Jesus simply "appeared" as she was baking the bread

4. Believers seized upon NASA photographs of star "PSR B1509-58" as evidence of the "hand of God" reaching into the cosmos

5. This "Virgin Mary" stain on an underpass in the US city of Chicago was reportedly first noticed the day Benedict XVI became pope

6. Recent research found the Shroud of Turin — the linen purported to be Jesus's burial cloth — could indeed be genuine because claims the Shroud was made during Medieval times were flawed

7. A US pastor said these icons appeared after he asked for a "sign" from God while making a potato salad

8. In 2004, this slice of cheese toast fetched more than $30,000 on eBay after it was claimed the bread resembled the mother of Christ

9. In another baked representation, this slice of toast made headlines last year amid claims it bore the face of US President Barack Obama

10. Finally, this yorkshire pudding captured the imagination of one woman who claimed it was a dead ringer for Britain's Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle (what the??)

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I have on Flickr.com a few photos of my coffee stained drinking glass with an image of the Virgin Mary inside. If your readers are interested in seeing the "Holy Grail" of all lead crystal glasses visit my account @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/7690119@N03/sets/72157617453203072/ BTW, the glass is not 4 sale. Enjoy -;)