Friday, December 5, 2008

Tiago Rinaldi - A Brazilian Musical Genius

This story is not just about music - it is about reaching into one's soul and feeling the power of boundless culture. My very close friend, Osmario Cruz (Mario) has shared much music with me over time, and even brought me a CD of one of Brazil's most famous singers last time we met in Chicago (September this year).

Recently he shared a Youtube video with me, and after listening and watching I felt so moved by the clip, that I knew I would have to embed it into my blog. The singer / songwriter is another very close friend of Mario's, named Tiago Rinaldi, and one doesn't need to be able to speak or understand Portugese language to realize that this man is an absolute musical genius - it's no wonder he won 1st place in the 11th Porto Alegre Music Festival held on 2nd November at the Theater of Chamber Túlio Cheeped. The event is held over four days and was judged by famous Latin American celebrities - Geraldo Flach, musician, composer and arranger, Vítor Hugo, Municipal ex-secretary of the Culture, journalist and interpreter, Caetano Silveira, composer and presenter of the TV Assembly, Lica, singer and composer, and journalist and music critic, Mônica Kanitz.

Vídeo Clipe "Linha" - Tiago Rinaldi:


Singer, composer and cultural producer, Tiago Rinaldi has been cultivating music since childhood, having participated in several musical festivals in the countryside of RS and in the schools where he studied. He learned how to play guitar with his "street neighbors" and at 15 composed his first song entitled "Pueril".

In Porto Alegre, he came across the work of Paulo Guimarães, dancer and choreographer of the Meme Movement Research Group (www.centromeme.com.br). In 2008, invited by the Group, Tiago researched and composed the music for the dance-theater show "Teresinhas", which premiered in June at Sesc Theater, in Porto Alegre. In November of the same year, he entered the theme song of "Teresinhas", at the 11th Festival of Music of Porto Alegre. The song "Linha" was the overall winner of the festival and also won the award for best lyrics.

In December 2007, in a partnership with Ana Claudia Specht, Denise Bundchen and Claudio Veiga (Batuque de Cordas), he performed in the musical "Passaredo", in Porto Alegre. From 2006 to 2007, Tiago took part in the Workshops of Musical Theory and Perception, at the Institute of Arts at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, under the coordination of Helena de Souza Nunes.

Currently Tiago is studying Music at the Metodist Institute, taking piano lessons with Daiane Raatz and facilitated the Workshop "The Voice of the Professional", in September 2008 with Cida Moreira.

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