Thursday, December 11, 2008

Singapore - "This Country Of My Birth"

OK - let's start with the obvious... Singapore isn't the country of my birth - but it is our new home and also the country where our beautiful baby boy was born last year.

And it's also the country of birth of one Victor Tan. Victor is a very talented guy who has released a YouTube video of his latest creation "Things So Singaporean", and is on a charter to try and get the song included as one of the songs for the National Day Parade in 2009.

I think he might have a great chance if all members of the blogosphere do their bit and get behind this. Earlier this year, I created a page on the web with NDP songs (old and new) and web traffic was out of control there for a couple of months - NDP Music Cinema. I'll certainly be including "Things So Singaporean" on a similar page for 2009.

I call on ALL bloggers and webmasters to embed Victor's song and promote the cause - together we can help this video go viral, and by doing so will probably go a long way to creating the awareness needed to get the song included in the 2009 NDP!!

From Victor Tan's website:

This is a song dedicated to all Singaporeans! My ex-boss penned the lyrics and I think the tune is very catchy, yet down to earth. Would you like to join me and try to may this one of NDP 2009 songs? Come and join us on facebook! It will not be complete without your support! :)


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT!! Will put the video on my blog also.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I use the tissues to reserve my table.

Anonymous said...

I hate the crowds in Vivo City on weekends. really like this song though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete! Thank you for plugging! By the way, I did not produce this video. It was my ex-boss who it! I only blogged about it as I see the potential in it! Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Victor,

I am very impressed with this video. Good work.