Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vicious Schoolgirl Bashing Caught On Video

Warning - the video link in this article at AussiePete.com is actually quite graphic and somewhat violent. Please do not watch if you are easily offended!

A 15-year-old girl believed to be associated with a gang will be sentenced next month over a "horrific" attack on a schoolgirl that was captured on a mobile phone.

According to police facts tendered in court yesterday "fears are held for the safety of the victim and her family" following the assault, goldcoast.com.au reports.

The defendant, a girl from northern New South Wales who cannot be identified because she is a minor, was present in Tweed Heads Children's Court yesterday when her legal representative entered a guilty plea to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The charge relates to an incident outside a high school in June during which the 13-year-old victim, who also cannot be identified, suffered visible facial bruising, lacerations to her knees and around her ankles, and bruising to her hands.

The attack was recorded on a mobile phone video camera before being sent to other phones.

According to police facts tendered after the guilty plea yesterday, the older girl, who is not a student at the school, approached the victim as she made her way to a bus stop.

Police believe the defendant had recently learned of a possible relationship between her ex-boyfriend and the victim.

"The defendant has continued her barrage of assault, which can only be described as horrific, by punching the victim to the head with a closed fist on about five occasions while the victim was defenceless and fallen to the ground," police said.

"The young person has taken a step backwards and then made a full sweep kick to the victim's head and one further to the head region.

"The young person continued the assault by then stepping over the defenceless victim and stomped on her head on at least three occasions with full force.''

Police also believe a number of DNS Crips gang members were nearby.

Members of the Tweed-based gang have been implicated in violent incidents in Queensland and NSW and the defendant is thought to be an associate of the group.

Magistrate Jeff Linden adjourned the case for sentencing in early November. Bail was continued.

Courtesy of goldcoast.com.au

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cannot believe this. so violent. so sad.