Saturday, June 14, 2008

Profile of a Singapore Killer - the Causeway Point Stabber.

What causes a person to commit murder? In the case of the dishwasher stabbed to death at Causeway Point, this is the million dollar question. Police are still trying to piece together the evidence, witness accounts and information from friends and families of the victim and the killer. One thing is certain, the killer will not be able to provide any insights into his motives, after being found dead at the foot of a block in Bedok on Tuesday night.

As information becomes available, and a motive is established, I will continue to follow the events as they unfold and report them here. On the surface, it seems that this may well be a case of 'unreturned love'. Perhaps the early reports of the (accused) killer lying to people that the victim was his wife may, in fact, be true, and this truly may be an example of obsession and stalking to the worst degree.

The latest information to date follows below (and at the end of this post, is a classic 'Criminal Pysychology' Question I'd pose to my readers - if you do not already know the answer to this 'motive brainteaser', let your mind work a little and discover the very easy - and perhaps scary - solution to the question).


The 60-year-old Chinese man (still unnamed), whom police have been seeking in connection with the murder of the 45-year-old dishwasher at Causeway Point last Sunday, has been found dead.

His body was seen lying at the foot of Block 660, Jalan Tenaga at about 9pm on Tuesday, in what appears to be a suicide.

A resident who witnessed the immediate aftermath of the apparent suicide said: "I was watching TV with my family when we heard a loud bang outside the house. It was about 9pm. From our view from the fourth floor, we didn't see anything, so I went to look (downstairs). I saw an old man in his 60s. He was already lying there unconscious, and I could see that his jaw was already open."

Residents at Jalan Tenaga said they did not hear any suspicious sounds before the man fell from the 14th storey. They said they had not seen the 60-year-old former dishwasher in the estate prior to the incident.

Police are investigating the unnatural death and have yet to release details of his identity.

A brief Buddhist ceremony was held for the dead man on Wednesday afternoon.

The 60-year-old man, who lived in a Yio Chu Kang flat with his mother, was heard quarelling loudly with someone for 15-minutes, before he fell to his death at Block 660, Jalan Tenaga at about 9pm.

Why he was even in the area is a mystery, as police went door to door showing residents a photo of the man.

The victim, Ms Khoo Que Kee, was actually a former tenant of the accused killer. Ms Khoo died on the spot from multiple stab wounds. Her flatmate and co-worker Wong Nyet Fah, 43, saw the man whip out a 15cm long knife and plunge it into her several times. Ms Khoo had rented a room in the man's home for six months, said Ms Wong, but she moved out after they stared arguing.

Although the man had regarded Ms Khoo as his wife, the latter denied they were in a relationship, Ms Wong added. Ms Khoo had been confiding in Ms Wong for some time about having trouble with the man.

Ms Khoo is said to be a divorcee with an eight-year-old son. Her body was collected by her sister on Wednesday morning.

The investigation and this story to be continued...


The Mother of Identical twin Sisters had passed away due to old age. During the Funeral, one of the Guests at the funeral was a handsome young Gentleman. One of the sisters fell in love with this guest, but she was too shy to go up and talk to him. She didn't tell anyone that she secretly had a crush on him.

That night after the funeral had ended, this sister could not sleep as she kept thinking about this man.

Next day, she murdered her twin Sister!!!

Why did she Murder her Sister?


Anonymous said...

He got off lucky.

Aussie Pete said...

Perhaps yeh - I'm awaiting the latest update... I think his motive is still a little unclear...