Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jaime's First TV Commercial Audition in Singapore

Last Monday, June 9th, Jaime had his first audition for a TV commercial. After a very early start, we made it in to the studio near China Town for the casting agency to get him on film. Although we know it's never right to get our hopes up too high with things like this, I couldn't help but be proud of how well behaved he was, considering he's only nine and a half months old.

The casting agency really wanted him to get up and move about, although he cannot walk unassisted. Although the casting agency didn't give us any indication what the commercial was for or what was required, I did speak via email with the head of the film company a couple of days prior, and understand that walking was not a prerequisite - anyway, we'll just wait and see if he gets a call back... I do know that the advertising agency are definitely looking for a cute pan-asian (mixed heritage) baby, and I think Jaime definitely fits the description.

To remind my readers of how cute Jaime is, his flash website can be viewed by clicking here, or by clicking the website thumbnail below.

Quick Facts

- Jaime was born on 27th August, 2007

- Mixed heritage - Shanghainese mother, Australian father

- Born at Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore

- Weighed 3.61kg at birth

- English name: Jaime Zheng Jiayang Breitkreutz / Chinese name: 郑家洋

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Anonymous said...

He's just like a doll