Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Great POO Collection!

Lately there has been so much going on in news and current affairs, both locally here in Singapore and abroad, that I thought I'd lighten up my blog a little today with something much less depressing, and in fact quite a bit amusing. I'm calling this the Great POO Collection!!

The inspiration behind this article, is the well-known and often unpredicatability of the BABY POO.

For our baby Jaime, his four favourite times of the day are (ranked in no particular order of preference): EATING, SLEEPING, PLAYING AND BATHTIME... not much different to the adults hey?

Nearly every night (when I'm not travelling), Jaime and I bath together in the 'grown up' bath, and play with his toys, his favourites being the rubber duckies. I've gotta say, it's also one of my favourite times as well - for a short while I don't think of work, and it's such a joy seeing him so happy at home in the water.

However there is one more thing that gives our baby the greatest pleasure and enjoyment - POO TIME!!

Today, Jaime decided he would combine two of his top priority activities... when we had nearly finished bathtime tonight, Jaime made what has become to be know as his classic 'POO FACE'! I don't know how to describe it, but I reckon it must be similar to the face Einstein must have made when concentrating on how to come up with his 'theory of relativity'. The deepest level of concentration.

I immediately recognized the expression for what it was, but it was all too late... I looked down into the water to see what appeared to be a chokito bar floating around. Aghast, I called to my wife Sammi, who had to assume the role of 'shit collector'...

Anyways, the problem was quickly rectified, all parties cleaned-up and rewashed, but the incident brought to mind a very funny video I had seen before on YouTube... the similarities to tonight's events are quite uncanny, right down to the rubber duckie... so there you have it - the first embedded video below is "Splishin' and Splashin'", to which I am referring... following is a couple of other videos to complete today's article - The Great POO Collection!!
(For total enjoyment of the following, please be sure to turn off the streaming 'O Singapura' to the left of this page before playing videos).

I've also added the two latest efforts by that crazy Malaysian lip synch artist, "Moymoypalayboy" - seems that his production budget has increased. No more just sitting recording in his mama's kitchen - he's working hard out in the field... :D - Still as crazy ever!!






LOW (Flo Rida ft. T-Pain)

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Anonymous said...

We enjoy bathing our eight-week-old son but we're always on the lookout for underwater 'evictions'. He also seems to enjoy peeing just before we get him into our little tub, after we've removed his diapers. Once, he even did this while we were trying to film the bathing process (giving new meaning to the term, 'streaming video'), but we destroyed the footage immediately.

Aussie Pete said...

That is very clever... I cannot stop laughing right now - 'streaming video'!!!

Thanks for your comment, 'cloudsters' - 8-weeks old, congratulations... such an exciting time for you!