Friday, June 20, 2008

Burglar in Marsiling Lane Jumps To His Death From 5th Floor Today, Trying To Escape!

A BURGLAR jumped five storeys to his death today after being surprised by a landlady who caught him in her living room. The man was trying to make a quick escape from the three-room apartment in Marsiling Lane, but instead landed 15 metres below with a thud.

'Only a stupid person will enter my house. There's nothing to be robbed,' said Madam Irene Tan.

The 50-year-old happened upon the burglar, described Malay and covered in tattoos, at around 10am after returning from her morning stroll.

Madam Tan said he panicked, ran to her master bedroom and then took a shortcut to the ground-floor - from five floors up.

A neighbour from two floors below, Mr Abdul Rahman, said he heard the commotion.

'I heard a woman screaming: 'stop, don't jump'. After that, I heard something drop, boom!' That is when he peered out his window.

'I saw two guys carry a man's body and put it inside a car before driving off.'

Only a patch of blood was left at the scene. But the police confirmed that the man, who in his 40s, died at around 11.45 am after being taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Madam Tan said she left a back window open and thinks the man scaled her block like 'Spiderman' to break in.

Mr Abdul Rahman, 49, reckons the men are linked to recent cases of theft and said some of them might live in the building.

The whereabouts of the burglar's accomplices are not known, although they were described as tall, thin, Malay men with tattoos on their arms.

They were wearing white T-shirts and long pants.

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Anonymous said...

Spiderman? Or the Incredible Hulk??!!