Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hong Kong Paaartaaay - A Video Pictorial

I was feeling a little 'creative' tonight (it's a shame that my talents do not match my desires), so decided to savour the memories of our fabulous Hong Kong trip with some of my favourite moments in a short flash video pictorial - thanks and also apologies to all my fellow bloggers from whom I've 'borrowed' many of the pictures... :p

Sit back, turn up the volume and PAAARTAAAY along with me - Enjoy!!


Kenkenyaroubi said...

wow u really need to lose some weight! u've got boobies!

AussiePete said...

Haha !! Yeh, I stole them from your missus!! :p

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh good one pete. kenkenyaroubi burned. But how u know he even got a missus and how u know she has small boobies