Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pilot Faints During Flight – Chilling Video Footage!

The terrified passenger recording this video could not be blamed for his absolutely hair-raising, blood-curdling screams or for needing a clean pair of underpants... nor could he be blamed if he was to punch the pilot in the nose once the plane landed!! I'm not actually too sure how I would react in such a situation...

The following footage has been released on YouTube - the sole pilot of a light plane apparently losing conciousness while taking a friend on a joy flight. One moment, the pair are engaged in conversation... the next, the pilot is slumped over in his seat with his mate trying frantically to try and bring him back - all the while screaming like a baby for his own life!

But wait!! - this supposed friend, was just 'punking' his terrified passenger. A couple of moments after the pilot appeared to pass out and fall against the window of the plane (and his companion had thought he was going to die), the prankster sat up, turned around and smiled.

I wonder if these guys are still mates??

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