Friday, April 26, 2019

The 'Hero' Known As Samuel Seow - Stop Violence Against Women!

[Disturbing video embedded at the bottom of this article]

My friends and family know that although we are living in the USA right now, a special part of my heart resides in Australia and Shanghai, and of course, our beloved Singapore.

For this reason, I keep up to speed on happenings and news from the red dot. I'm not sure how it came to pass that I missed this story when it first broke a year ago. When one of my colleagues alerted me to this article today, I explained that the offender in the following video is not in any way representative of the beautiful, respectful and peaceful people that make up Singapore.

Samuel Seow - Losing control and assaulting a much smaller lady
Losing control and assaulting a much smaller lady... Scroll below to view video of the incident

To be very candid, when I read the article in the Straits Times from yesterday (Entertainment lawyer Samuel Seow makes police report over leaked videos showing scuffle with employee) and then watched the video, I was sickened, to say the least.

The 'hero' of our story, one Samuel Seow, has reportedly filed a police report over two leaked videos that show him beating and chasing after a female member of his staff. The incident allegedly occurred last year.

At the time the video was recorded, the entertainment lawyer was accused of physically and verbally assaulting two members of staff members in two separate separate incidents.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy and juggling between finding the work, feeding people and paying salaries on time is a constant struggle...

Samuel Seow
Samuel Seow

Seow said yesterday (April 26) that people were "constantly and conscientiously seeking to damage" him.

Now I have no background on this, nor am I aware of events leading up to this video, but let me be clear - regardless of what sent him spiraling out of control, there is no defense to his actions. To beat and throw (much smaller) women around in this manner is both unacceptable and downright cowardly.

In one video, and employee of  Seow's artists management firm is repeatedly attacked. In the second clip, Mr Seow chases the employee, constantly shouting "you beat me" while beating her. The smaller woman does her best to protect herself and fight back to no avail.

When other staff try to hold Seow back, he hits and throws another female employee to the ground. The entire footage shows an unhinged individual acting in a violent and cowardly manner. Dare I say, the solution may be involuntary psychiatric treatment to help him get well, before he loses control does something even worse (God forbid).

Mr Seow is 46 years of age and Managing Director of "Samuel Seow Law Corporation" and also the owner of the "Beam Artistes" management firm.

He has represented singer Tanya Chua and former actress Michelle Saram.

After the initial incident last year, a police report was made accusing Seow of the assault but it was later withdrawn. Seow had also filed a complaint with police that was withdrawn too.

After these latest videos were released, Seow said: "I hope to find closure with this issue soon, so I can move on with my life after my mistake from a year ago, so that the people who are constantly and conscientiously seeking to damage me can finally also, rest peacefully... I am unsure what the people who continually post edited sound clips and videos are trying to achieve. I had admitted that there was an issue in my office last year, and will leave the police to reach their findings... Being an entrepreneur is never easy and juggling between finding the work, feeding people and paying salaries on time is a constant struggle."

As I stated above, I sincerely hope that with the release of these videos, the police can charge Mr Seow (without the need for a victim complaint) and he can get the help that he needs to manage his anger and psychological issues. IMHO - I don't see how anything but incarceration is befitting of the crime here.

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