Tuesday, August 6, 2013

There Were Four In The Bed, And The Little One Said...

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Roll Over... Roll Over... so they all rolled over and NONE FELL OUT!!

Well, that's not really the way the song goes, but with a mattress specifically designed by Sealy, when one heavy person moves about in their sleep it's not felt by their partner. In my case, I'll give you two guesses who the heavy one is.  :p

There Were Four In The Bed....

As I near the end of my series of articles as one of Sealy's Sleep Gurus, I've decided to set myself up and make myself comfortable by writing this from the comfort of my bed.

This is actually one of the worst things I can do when it comes to separating work space from sleep space, but after such a stressful and long couple of weeks at work, it's refreshing to sit back with my feet up!!

So far, I've covered off on how much more improved my sleep patterns and habits are becoming as a result of the support and comfort for my years-old back problems. I've spoken about how my dreams have returned due to strong and regular sleep cycles (extremely vivid, lucid and memorable dreams)... I haven't touched on one of the other things I'm getting out of our high quality, durable Sealy mattress - firstly, because I agreed up front that my articles (just has always been on my blog) would be no more naughty than PG16  :)

I found the following video on YouTube that might help communicate to you all what cannot be said... I've sort of been wondering why I've been getting lots of cute looks since we toook delivery of our mattress - this video explains it all:

Finally, let me remind everyone to pay a visit to the flagship store - Sealy Sleep Palace at 91 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Place, #01-02, S. 247918. I took this short video the day that I selected our 'Royal Highness':

So - now it's over to you, dear readers... simply VOTE FOR ME HERE - and stand to win!!


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