Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canadian Anti-Smoking 'Quit the Denial' Campaign Video - 'Social Flatulance'

Health authorities in Canada have come up with a campaign to curb 'social smoking', by comparing the smell of cigarette smoke to flatulance.

The key message from the quite clever Ontario 'Quit the Denial' campaign, is "Social smoking is as ridiculous as social farting".

'Just because I fart every now-and-then doesn't make me a farter':

In the video, the female 'social farter' is placed in the psychoanalyst's chair, and justifies her 'social flatulence' by saying that it's just a means to 'fit in with the crowd'.

She says, "It's true that I fart.... I really only do it when I hang out with my friends that fart. We hang out, we drink, we dance ... just have some fun being together... farting".

Watch the Video:

According to media reports, the campaign is "obviously intended to juxtapose the supposed `coolness' of smoking with flatulence, the campaign is being billed as a "gentle" poke at smoking in the face of widespread graphic tobacco warnings".

'Social smoking is as ridiculous as social farting':

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