Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember - Doing My Singapore Piece for the Global Cause

The catch phrase, is “Knowledge is Power, Moustache is King”!

Well, I don’t actually know about that, but the ‘Movember’ movement is a brilliant way of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues.

Please read to the links at the bottom of this article to help me out!! I don’t want to beg… but I will if I have to…   J

In short, I have joined forces with a bunch of my colleagues who have all agreed to grow a moustache for the entire month of November (Movember), and are calling for all of our friends, loved ones, colleagues and anybody and everybody who feels as strongly as we do about raising awareness of men’s health issues to donate (even small amounts are fine) and help the whiskers grow that little bit quicker.

My own personal problem, is that any hair that grows on my face these days, ends up in what is referred to as a ‘salt and pepper’ hue… in fact, I’m sure there is going to be more ‘salt’ than ‘pepper’. This wouldn’t be too bad if it was just me doing it solo, but when I’ve got members of the same team who are of ‘European’ descent, my ‘mo’ is going to look very pale and weak in comparison – not to mention that I have feeling I’m going to end up looking like one of those ageing movie stars of the 1970s (I’m talking about those sleazy looking guys in the movies that are definitely not suitable for children).

My wife, Sammi, has already begun dictating which personal family events that we have scheduled for Movember that I can and cannot attend. The end of year concert at the local kindergarten will probably require a ski mask if I want to be allowed to go and watch.

With fear of being accused of plagiarism, I’ve copied the background of the cause and the movement below from the ‘Movember and Sons’ website:

“During the month of November each year, Movember asks men across the world to grow a moustache with the aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 and since that time word of Movember and its men’s health messages have spread across the globe. Movember currently runs official campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, South Africa, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, Movember is aware of supportive Mo Bros and Mo Sistas dotted around the world; all of whom have played an important role in growing Movember into what it is today.”

“Guys start Movember 1st with a clean-shaven face and for the remainder of the month dedicate themselves to growing a fine moustache. Supported by the women in their lives, known as Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking sponsorship for their Mo growing efforts. At the end of the month, it’s traditional for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to celebrate their awareness and fundraising efforts by throwing a Movember party and awarding the highly sought after titles of Miss Movember and Man of Movember.

Mo Bros are helping to change the face of men’s health by effectively becoming walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November and through their actions and words raise awareness by promoting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health. Together, we are truly changing the face of men’s health.”

The Men’s Health partner for Singapore, is the ‘Singapore Cancer Society’ (incidentally, I have been donating personally to the SCS every month since my dear departed Dad was diagnosed with cancer):

“Established in 1964, Singapore Cancer Society is a self-funded voluntary welfare organisation which is dedicated to minimising the impact of cancer in Singapore through the provision of cancer treatment subsidies, financial and welfare aid to needy cancer patients, home hospice care services for terminally-ill cancer patients, as well as rehabilitation support programmes for recovering cancer patients and cancer survivors.

In addition, the Society also provides free cancer screening services and promotes cancer awareness and prevention through its public education and community outreach programmes. Annually, the SCS helps more than 1,000 needy cancer patients and reaches out to more than 50,000 individuals through its cancer screening, public educational and community outreach programmes.”

Global Action Plan

Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the state of men’s health. To this end Movember has established the Movember Global Action Plan, which aims to accelerate prostate cancer outcomes through global research collaboration. Funds raised in Singapore will be allocated to research conducted in Singapore that supports the Global Action Plan.

So, what are you waiting for? (this is where the begging starts) – even if it’s just a few dollars, please visit my personal Movember page and donate to support the cause!! I will definitely personally thank you and you get a mention on the page as well… and remember to check back regularly, as we will be uploading pictures throughout the month as the (fuzz / fluff) whiskers grow to something very sleazy.

Be generous – support the cause… and have a great laugh at my expense!! I encourage you completely!!

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