Monday, November 19, 2012

I Lost My iPhone Inside A Cow!! WTH?

Just in case you missed this one, dear constant readers!!

Many people have many excuses for many things... the boy who claims to his teacher, "My dog ate my homework", "I'm only overweight because I'm happy"... the list goes on.

But what about some of the weird and wonderful excuses that insurance companies hear through their claims processes?

The British website, mobileinsurance, say that they have heard it all, and as such has decided to publish some of the most far-fetched claims it has received over the last 12 months. Each and every claim has been investigated, and believe it or not, many of the most outrageous claims were accepted!!

For instance, a farmer claims to have lost his iPhone up the rear end of a cow while using it as a torch during calving.

In another case, a woman lost her Nokia when she baked it into a Victoria sponge cake intended for her daughter’s birthday party.

Or what about the couple on a cruise who tried to photograph themselves acting the parts of Jack and Rose in the "I'm the king of the world" scene from the epic movie, Titanic... but in the process, lost their phone over the side and into the deep blue.

Sometimes honesty might not be the best policy? Imagine the embarrassment (or lack thereof) of the twenty-something woman from Bristol who openly admitted to insurers that she had worn out the vibrate function on her BlackBerry Bold 9900 by using it as an "adult toy". REALLY?? - Did she receive that many phone calls?

Another lady stated that her Samsung Galaxy was snatched by a sneaky seagull while she was walking her dog on an island in South Wales.

Wait there's more!! - the man who told his insurance company that his iPhone had been stolen by monkeys at a Safari Park while he was filming them... a construction worker who claimed that his phone had dropped down the toilet (this one I believe - I've seen it happen!! *embarrassed smile*)

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