Monday, June 25, 2012

Rise to Fame - Zheng Jia Kai (郑家恺) and Drypers

Apologies dear readers, for the delay between articles - with the past couple of weeks having been very busy at work, fathers day and birthday celebrations, while battling with a nasty cold, time has indeed been very tight... so now I'm trying to play 'catch up'.

Friends of mine on Facebook, would be well aware from the random pics I've uploaded, that my youngest boy (almost 2-year old Casey or in Chinese, 郑家恺), is the 'brand ambassador' for the latest Drypers advertising campaign and catch-phrase, 'The Best Ever'.

Now that the ads have gone live and Casey's pictures are appearing all over Singapore, I thought it would be fitting for me to give a quick plug for such a cool and quirky marketing and advertising campaign.

It first started with the main 'best ever' image appearing in newspapers across the island a few weeks ago and full page ads in Mother and Baby magazine.

Behind the scenes at the main photo shoot

Since then, we have seen other pictures from the photo shoot in shopping mall displays, billboards and even bus stops.

A Drypers display that we saw at the Giant hypermaket at Tampines

We are still waiting for the viral video campaign to be launched, where Casey will appear as the 'best ever talking baby'.

Behind the scenes of one of the video shoots (in this one the set has been constructed in our home)

Needless to say, we are all very proud of him - although I am still to get a cut of his earnings as his 'manager and agent' (and chief taxi driver) :p

At the Drypers 'Little Day Out' on Saturday just gone by, we noticed he even now seems to have his own line of 'shopping bags'

As an aside, Casey had his first live media appearance at the Drypers 'Little Day Out', and both Sammi and I were interviewed - be sure to check it out this Thursday night on both Channel 5 and Channel 8 (immediately after the news)... Sammi also performed a 'celebrity nappy change' for the cameras

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