Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Match Made In... Err... Hell? World's Most Evil Couple

Firstly, my apologies to my dear regular readers for the unusual delay between articles - I'm still travelling right now and the access to my usual 'online tools' is somewhat intermittent using VPN to get through the 'Great Firewall of China'.

Nevertheless, I've written before about weirdos and psychopaths that fall into the 'cannibals' and 'vampires' categories. So when I read a particular article recently, I was blown away enough to tolerate the slow internet speeds and get this 'deviant love story' on to my blog.

To be honest, I think it shows a real lack of justice for this kind of relationship to be allowed to flourish.

Infamous flesh eater, Isakin Jonsson and the self-professed vampire who worships satan, Michelle Gustafsson, have announced their engagement... setting themselves up as the world's most evil couple.

This bizarre love story blossomed at the secure psychiatric unit where they both reside.

According to reports, 33-year old Jonsson asked 23-year old Gustafsson to "join him in unholy matrimony".

Jonsson was found guilty of slitting the throat of his then partner, Helle Christensen (who was also the mother of five children), sawing off her head and eating flesh cut from from her body, while Gustafsson had stabbed to death a young father, Daniel Stenman before drinking his blood.

Above: Isakin Jonsson with the unfortunate woman he ate - Helle Christensen

Of this demonic relationship, Jonsson was quoted as saying, "I love Michelle — have never met anyone like her... I want to live a non-criminal life".

Both of the killers have seemingly expolited Sweden's judicial process - which allowed the pair to opt for "indefinite psychiatric treatment at a secure medical facility" instead of life in prison.


Stabbing victim Daniel Stenman, who had his blood consumed by Michelle Gustafsson


expat@large said...

Saw a girl in Tampines yesterday, nice tattoo across half of the right side of her face. Lovely.

p.s. the date of your posts is not shown. Reason?

Amanda Silver said...

just how 'awful' a love story could be and how demonic couple could find 'love'?

Kellie said...

I'm left speechless.

PWT Sports Racing News said...

funny pics I like it Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This is true. Not funny at all.