Monday, November 7, 2011

Why You Should Never Ever Cheat On Your Wife!

Not only is it just downright morally wrong, but there are any number of other reasons why every husband should remain faithful to his better half.

One of those reasons has presented itself in the remote outback of Australia's Northern Territory. A woman 'allegedly' got so annoyed about her partner's sleeping around that she tried to hack off his *ahem* - let's just say his 'family jewels'!

*My eyes just started watering*

The victim who is 35-years old and not identified at this stage, is recovering in hospital after suffering stab wounds to his testicles. He was admitted to Tennant Creek Hospital on Saturday, and later flown to Alice Springs Hospital by the Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service for further treatment. Doctors say that he is in a 'stable condition'.

I have one question - Outback Australia... Tennant Creek... really, just how many opportunities would a man have to be play up or sleep around??

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