Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Singapore's Pink Dot Simply Must Cease To Exist!

My local readers know what 'Pink Dot' is all about, but many of my international friends and subscribers may not be aware. So, please hang in there - the following is a Q&A directly from the pinkdot.sg website:

Q: What is Pink Dot?

A: Pink Dot is the name of the organising group. It references the term, Red Dot, which is often used to describe Singapore. Pink, instead of red, because it is the colour often associated with LGBT (think: pink dollar and pink feather boas) but more importantly, it is the colour of our national identity cards and it is what you get when you mix the colours of our national flag

Now - the bad (or maybe good) news for all supporters of this wonderful celebration of diversity... 'PINK DOT' just cannot actually exist at all!

You see, scientists are saying that there is, in fact, no such thing as pink light... We see red and blue together, but it's actually "minus green".

In short, the colour PINK doesn't exist.

I would never pretend to be an expert on such a matter, but according to the experts, when they tell us that there's no such thing as pink light, they are explaining that the 'blind spot' on the colour spectrum is merely a stopgap for all remaining invisible light waves.

They say the following simple test proves it - Stare at the pink spot below for one minute, then look into the white space directly to its right. What do you see?

Still don't understand the concept? Well, you're not alone - I'm completely lost also - it's best to watch the following YouTube video - it explains that pink is made up from red and blue light - which our eyes simply see together to form pink.

Maybe this is great news for supporters of 'Minus Green' Dot in Singapore who may sometimes feel discriminated against, and might make life more difficult for any homophobes out there?

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Anonymous said...

That's the stupidest thing ever! |:
There are thousands of 'colours' which do not exist and are only combinations of wavelengths - why not single out #99e5e8 instead?