Monday, October 17, 2011

Aussie Pete LIVE On TV

Dear friends and readers - be sure to tune in to Channel NewsAsia this Wednesday night at 8:00pm Singapore time (Channel 106 on Starhub). For international viewers, you can watch the show live via internet streaming from 7:45pm Singapore time at BlogTV.sg.

The topic of this week's BlogTV, is "The Bold and Beautiful" - according to their Facebook Page, "This week on blogTV, we discuss the lengths bloggers will go to score hits. Prominent bloggers, Peggy Heng and Aussie Pete will be joining our hosts on the couch. You too can be part of the action! Share with us the youtube or web links of the most outrageous bloggers you have come across, by simply commenting on this wall post"... and "The infamous Peggy heng, along with fellow prominent bloggers, Aussie Pete and Kirsten Han will be joining hosts Cheryl Fox and Tim Oh on this week's episode of blogTV. Please post any questions you have for Peggy and the other two bloggers here on Facebook or tweet us @blogtvsg"

In case you missed all the controversy (if you've had your head in the ground), Peggy Heng is the local blogger that drew an outpouring of criticism for what some parts of the media called a 'fake sex video'.

The video portrays a scene where 22-year old Ms Heng kneels in front of a man, who unbuckles his belt and starts to undo his jeans. Peggy then turns to the camera and says, "But that is not the way to solve your relationship problems".

The video is actually promoting a dating event for young singles.

The discussion on this Wednesday night's BlogTV, is how far will some bloggers go in order to get hits? Is there a line that should be drawn, do you think?

If you want my opinion on the topic, then you're just going to have to tune in and find out where I stand!! :)

See you there!!

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