Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great-Grandmother Gets New Breasts (And 24-Year Old Boyfriends)


Until now, I thought that Tom Jones was the most famous thing to ever come out of Wales... well, I may stand corrected.

While the popular ageing singer may still have ladies (usually his age) throwing their underwear on-stage while he performs, this 65-year old Welsh great-grandmother has increased her breast size from A-Cup to F-Cup and is now dating men as young as 24!!

Joan Lloyd hails from Abergele in North Wales. She recently underwent plastic surgery because she was not happy with the effects that motherhood and age had on her breasts.

Ms Lloyd was a model in her younger days, although she says that she has been unhappy with her shape for years. Her husband, David, passed away last year after fighting serious illness for 15 years and Ms Lloyd spent most of this time looking after him.

David and Joan had been married for 49 years. Following her husband's death, Ms Lloyd (who has 13 grand children) made the decision to spend £4,250 of her savings on the operation (approximately S$8,285).

She said, "Now I feel so much more confident about myself. I feel my boob job has actually given me a new lease of life... Older people don't have to sit back and live like an old spinster any more. I have had a few dates, with men from 24 to 50. Some don't even know how old I am".

So there you go - eat ya heart out, Tom Jones!

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Kelvin Ang said...

Seriously? I am pretty sure we can tell roughly how old she is from other places.