Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ultimate Privacy - Your Very Own Castle

I've often thought that it might be nice to get away from the rate race, and find a nice remote desserted island somewhere to settle down.

I think perhaps I've found it! - The only problem is I'll need a spare £750,000 (around S$1.47 million) for the investment... I actually know of many small condominiums in Singapore that cost less than that!

This is the asking price of a castle known as Thorne Island Fort, which lies just off the coast of Pembrokeshire (south-west of the United Kingdom).

The 'house and land' deal comes with supurb views and unmatched privacy... the only way that guests can visit is by boat!

Although some extra dollars would be needed for renovations, some of the features include a master bedroom in the main tower, a kitchen, living room, games room, dining room and, get this - your very own parade ground.

Thorne Island Fort was built back in 1854 and was designed to fight off the French if and when they might invade. It was once also used as a hotel, but has been unoccupied for a decade (notwithstanding a few ghosts, I'm guessing). It's located about a kilometre from the mainland.

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