Thursday, June 23, 2011

Help Pete Get His Aussie Back

Up until now, aside from a small side-bar ad, I've not done much promotion to rally for people to vote for me in the 2011 OMY Blog Awards. After walking away with the first prize in my category ('What The Hell') last year and the amazing activities and follow-ons that have lasted for almost the last 12-months (including the tour of Hong Kong and the now infamous 'swim' that I had in Victoria Harbour during my participation in the OMY media team for the HK Dragon Boat Carnival Bathtub race), I think that perhaps I've got my work cut out for me if I've got any chance to pull out a back-to-back win in the same category in 2011.

Having said that, I am still feeling some (small) level of confidence - perhaps delusional? - based on the fact that thanks to my friends, readers and family in Singapore and around the world, I'm sitting in the Top 3 for the category from an online voting perspective - voting accounts for 30%, while the other 70% is based on the decision of a panel of independent and quite knowledgeable and respected judges.

If the 70% was based on hard statistics alone - eg, SEO, PR, Backlinks, Readership, Subscriptions, search engine rankings etc - the quick research I've done shows that I would be the clear front runner... but at the end of the day, the awards are all about blogging and content - not necessarily popularity or page views.

Therefore, much of the result will come down to what the respected judges deem to be the right or appropriate content to fit the particular category for which we are finalists. The other finalists in my category are unique in their approach to 'What The Hell' subject matter, and I wish them all the best of luck and success for the Awards presentation on the 23rd July!

I've really got no idea how much of a chance I stand of winning the OMY Blog Awards for consecutive years, but perhaps I can at least rally some more votes online in a couple of different ways - firstly, let's take this article as the kick-off of the campaign to "Help Pete Get His Aussie Back"!!

You see, the award winners this year get to travel back to the city in which I spent 10-years of my professional career before heading up into Asia (Shanghai, and now my home for the past 5+ years, Singapore). The city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia - just think of the value to the other winning and travelling bloggers that my local knowledge and expertise has to offer. :)

Secondly, as a part of the rally video that we recorded at the SPH News Centre (and perhaps this is exploitation of cuteness) - I brought my nearly 4yo son, Jaime, along to join me in the latter half of the video as my #1 fan - for a total burst of absolute cuteness check his cheers for Daddy!... and of course, you will now be obliged to vote for me by clicking here, and then clicking the vote button next to my picture.

Watch the Video (Warning - Cuteness Alert):

Once again, best of luck to my fellow finalists - see you all at the awards presentation!!

Don't forget the campaign - "Help Pete Get His Aussie Back" !!!!

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