Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Death By Silicone Implant - Warning: Explicit, Graphic Video

Perhaps you've already seen this story circulating on the internet - the death of a snake from silicone poisoning after biting Israeli model and actress, Orit Fox, on her fake boob.

Well if you haven't seen the video of the actual bite - check it out here... but be warned, this might be disturbing to some readers - it looks quite painful to me... although Ms Fox doesn't seemed overly stressed - would she still have nerve endings on the surface of her skin to feel the pain? I, for one, really don't know - but the snake latches on pretty hard and really pulls at her skin.

Spanish TV channel Telecinco's footage of the unfortunate encounter found it's way on to YouTube... at first, you can see the model fondling and licking the reptile for a feature on Israeli DJ Shmulik Tayar's radio show. Not long after... tragedy strikes!

Ms Fox was rushed to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, northwest of Jerusalem, and was given a clean bill of health after a tetanus shot. The snake was not so lucky, as days later, Telecinco announced that the poor creature had died of silicone poisoning! W... T... H... !!!

I'm guessing that maybe the snake really died from fright after seeing Ms Fox's really bad facial surgery!! :p

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