Thursday, February 24, 2011

ABSOLUTELY EXCLUSIVE - Watch Banned Kanye West Video!

All of the latest media attention on Kanye West's latest video, "All Of The Lights" has caused nearly all online video sites to ban the clip due to the fact that watching it can apparently cause people to have seizures... but of course, Aussie Pete has tracked down one of the last versions still live on the web today! :p

So, if you suffer from epilepsy, close this browser window now!! - if you do not, quickly watch the video before it disappears from here as well.

British experts and UK charity, "Epilepsy Action" have warned today that the international rapper's video could cause epileptic seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. The song features a very hot and sexy Rihanna.

The issue is apparently that the 'extensive use of flashing imagery could trigger seizures in some people'. The video does not carry a warning alerting viewers to the risks. It has been examined by experts at Cambridge Research Systems who have declared that it does in fact "contain flashes at a rate high enough to trigger seizures".

According to "Epilepsy Action" spokeswoman, Aimee Gee: "We are deeply concerned that this video may be harmful to some people with photosensitive epilepsy. We are doing all we can to warn people who may be affected not to watch it ... we feel it is unfortunately very likely that people may have already been affected."

The charity said it had contacted Kanye West's representative, YouTube and other online sources to ask that they take the video down... and just this has happened at most online video sites - but not before the official clip had almost five million views on YouTube.

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