Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 CNY - 'Chubby' New Year!

Of course, everybody knows that we are now in the Year of the Rabbit... but if you take note of what I've been eating over the last week in Shanghai, you would be forgiven for thinking that I should be back in 2007... the Year of the Pig (because I've been gorging myself like an absolute swine)!!

I'm putting any weight gain down to the slower metabolism due to the cold weather up here north of the equator... the day we arrived it was -3C with a little snow. Although I do know that the activities we partake in during the festive season are probably large contributors to the shift in belly circumference... here in China during Lunar New Year, it's nothing but Eat... Play... Sleep... Eat... Play... Sleep (*repeat*) :(

Anyway, just for a quick update on the activities so far, here are a few of the highlights:

1. Dinner with the immediate family

[Click here for the full gallery from the evening]

[And Here for Part 2]

2. Official Studio Photo Shoot for the two boys

[Click here for the full gallery from Casey's Photo Shoot]

[Click here for the full gallery from Jaime's Photo Shoot]

3. Sammi's (First) 2011 Birthday Dinner - Another much larger one planned tomorrow lunch and dinner with extended family

[Click here for the full gallery from Sammi's First Birthday Dinner]

4. Bringing in the New Year and Wishing for Longevity and Prosperity through Fire Works

[Click here for the full gallery from CNY Eve Fireworks]

So there you go (for now)... stay tuned for more updates!!


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