Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unlawful Sex Can Be Painful - Sharia Court Punishment!

We've seen it many times before - but when it comes with horrifying pictures, it's still difficult to comprehend.

As I've written in other articles, The United Arab Emirates is conservative and a predominately Muslim population. This often means that many expatriates fall into the trap of 'misbehaving' by local standards... with sometimes dire consequences.

In the latest crime to be reported out of Dubai in Sharjah, an unmarried foreign couple have been found guilty by a sharia court after admitting to having sex - and because both parties are Muslim, they were sentenced to the harshest penalty - 100 lashes and deportation (non-Muslims would most likely be jailed and deported).

The unidentified couple - a Bangladeshi man, known only as S.M. in court documents and his girlfriend, Filipina maid known as N.M. - were arrested by police when the house owner (and maid's employer) made a report after she saw the man leaving the home.

The lovers admitted to having unlawful sex several times at the house owned by the maid's sponsor.

The man has already undergone his punishment, and has suffered welts on his back and legs that will most probably leave permanent scarring... but wait, that's not all!! - because he entered the house of the sponsor illegally, he is also facing a further sentence of one year in prison.

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