Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sure Way To Get Your Wife P*ssed Off - Instant Grounds For Divorce!

OK, maybe it's just me... but of all of the senseless acts that I could do to make my wife angry at me (as a typical guy), the last thing I would ever consider doing is taking a photograph of my better half the moment that she wakes up in the morning. Furthermore... to post such a picture on a social network site such as Twitter or Facebook could be considered immediate grounds for divorce!!

Katy Perry as we all know her - made up and looking hot!

Well, call it newlywed bliss, or heat of the moment dementia, this is exactly what Russell Brand did to wife Katy Perry on their first ever Christmas together while celebrating in London... and although the photo was very quickly removed from Russell's Twitter account, it was not fast enough to stop netizens getting a hold of it and publishing across the wonderful world-wide web.

So without further ado, prepare yourself with at least one paper bag for the rising bile - here's the picture that Katy never wanted the world to see - good morning, sweetheart, no need for any make-up today!! :) Eeeewwww!!!



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