Sunday, January 23, 2011

Killed By A Breast Job - Plastic Surgery Blunder!

Thinking of plastic surgery - then perhaps think again!! Every operation or medical procedure where anesthesia is required comes with a certain amount of risk. Unfortunately for German celebrity, Carolin Berger, she played the unlucky card and was dealt a hand of death after an operation to enhance her breasts eventuated in her demise.

People across Europe had grown to either love or hate her, after she openly went naked and got up to all sorts of mischief in the German version of the reality TV show, Big Brother.

Known by her 'stage name' of Sexy Cora, Berger's official cause of death was ruled as a 'massive brain haemorrhage'.

She had been in a coma for nine days at a clinic in Hamburg (Germany) following the procedure to enhance her breast size to 34G.

Carolin Berger

Berger had allegedly been without oxygen for 15 minutes during the operation, which led to irrepairable brain damage and as a result, the plastic surgery clinic at the Hamburg University Hospital is now under investigation. Specifically, the 54-year-old anesthesiologist and the 49-year-old surgeon who performed the operation are being investigated by police on the potential charge of 'negligent homicide'.

So - are you thinking about breast augmentation or other plastic surgery? My advice is that your should sure to consider all of the risks for what some could consider a potential short-term gain...

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Carolin Berger

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