Monday, January 10, 2011

Aussie Pete Featured in Men's Health - Belly-Off!!

Aussie Pete fetaured in February's Men's Health Magazine!

Aussie Pete in Men's Health - Feb, 2011

I've written many times about my passion and dedication to getting into shape! From arriving back from Hong Kong in July 2010 after eating myself to the point of gluttony with the other 2010 OMY blog award winners, to the Urban Homme Urban Icon Challenge through to November, 2010... the short but focussed and disciplined program has turned from a simple transformation into a feature in the February, 2011 issue (Singapore) of Men's Health Magazine - released today!

When I was first approached by this extremely high-profile publication, I was quite flattered and nervous at the same time, that perhaps I didn't have the 'stuff' required to have my photograph appearing alongside those ripped and muscular 6-packed guys you always see featured.

Now that the issue is out in stores, I'm actually pretty satisfied with the result... the article goes into much detail around my exercise regime, dieting habits and how it's affected my life and those around me. Rather than duplicate the full article here, why not go out and grab yourself a copy?? :)

Singapore Men's Health Magazine - Feb, 2011 Issue



Vivian said...

Wow~~~ very big change ah.. U look like Mike from Desprate Housewives now. I will get that magazine.

Darryln said...

cannot believe u were fat like that before. wahahaha. u look very good now.

Anonymous said...

very mussle.. your hand looks so big ha.

mens health said...

Very much impressive. keep it up.