Monday, December 20, 2010

Entertainment Better At Bangladesh Airport Than At Changi - Adult Movies For All

Once again, my sense of humour has gotten the better of me. This is absolutely hilarious and it's something that the operator of the large display screen at the Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh can have a laugh about and tell his kids - that is, once he gets out of jail!!

The unfortunate operator was imprisoned immediately for airing a pornographic movie for all travellers and their friends to see.

The patrons of the airport were apparently shocked when they looked up and saw the sexually explicit adult movie playing... for a full five minutes!!

(Now that's something I've not seen at Changi Terminal 2 before)

It's important to note that Bangladesh is a very conservative Muslim country, where even just talk of sex is taboo.

The authorities have launched an investigation after the show was aired, in an attempt to determine if there was any criminal intent involved.

The display screen usually runs recordings of documentaries about the culture and geography of Bangladesh - it seems like in this instance they may have confused the local culture with that of a more liberal European country... either that, or this is the mother of all Bangladeshi practical jokes!!

According to Magistrate, Siddiqa Akhter, "The operator has been jailed instantly for two months. We have also summoned the owners of the cable firm to investigate the incident."



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