Sunday, November 28, 2010

Real Life Animal House - Wouldn't This Be Smelly?

A couple living in Morley (near Leeds in the UK), not only share the home with three children - Alan and Heather Hewitt have also opened their house to more than 80 exotic animals, including 20 snakes, 15 other reptiles, 25 mammals and all different sorts of birds and invertebrates.

A real ANIMAL HOUSE, there are now 35 different species that have been rescued and now found their sanctuary. For example, there are four boa constrictors, two pythons, two monitor lizards, six bearded dragons, two meerkats, two racoons, one cane toad, four tarantula spiders, two giant tortoises, many different rodents, an African grey parrot and don't forget the wonderfully scented skunk!!

The family takes rescued animals in from the RSPCA, police and the public.

According to Mr Hewitt, "Many end up here due to neglect and people not knowing how to look after them. Or they've outgrown the owner, who becomes frightened... We have to separate prey and predator. And I'm always on my guard. I'm forever being bitten by tarantulas and snakes or stung by scorpions."

The cost to care for the animals reaches around £20,000 (approximately S$41,000) per year.

Images Courtsey of Laurentiu Garofeanu / Barcroft

Click here to watch a video about the house and the Hewitts


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Anonymous said...

Ive started volunteeering at morley exotic animal rescue and love it!
No there house does not smell, the home is well kept and the animals well looked after.
I think its brilliant what there doing and would do this myself (If i had the space/money)
But these guys do this out of the goodness of there heart and for the animals welfare. All the people out there that neglect there animals and cannot look after them as they dont know there needs and do not re search due to impulse buying is wrong. Atleast at the rescue centre they have a loving familiy home with the right care. Well done the Hewitts. And anybody out there who would like to help out by donating please do so. The details are on there wbpage which can be found thru google. But in samll words, no the house does not smell.