Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Page 3 Girls - The Woman You'd Love Your Woman To Be Like!

How time flies - it's now been more than nine months since the 'Old Spice' commercial, 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like' became a YouTube viral sensation. Well, even more alarming for those of us who remember reading 'The Sun' Newspaper from the UK when we were merely teenagers, is the fact that the publication is celebrating it's 40th anniversary of the 'Page 3 Girl'.

(NB: This article was originally posted in 2010 and was very popular - I've amended the date to bring it back to readers' memories...)

For those of you not familiar with the classic 'tabloid' style of journalism, 'The Sun' was always pushing the limit and ahead of it's time, by unashamedly featuring full page pictures of (usually busty) British models topless and baring their breasts for readers of all ages to purchase straight off the local corner-shop shelf, without any need to heed to censorship ratings or classifications... in case you don't know of the newspaper, perhaps you've heard of model (and wannabe one-hit wonder singer), the very buxom Samantha Fox. As have many who have come after her, Ms Fox started her road to stardom as a Page 3 girl for 'The Sun'.

To mark the anniversary, 'The Sun' have launched a 30 second viral video - a parody and 'homage' to the original Old Spice ad. The video as of right now, has had almost 2 million hits on YouTube in just a week.

Check it out:

And just so you don't forget, here's the original Old Spice commercial (again):

PAGE 360

Finally, and as an aside, 'The Sun' have done a brilliant job of keeping up with technology - not only was it one the UK's first papers to successfully make the transition to online, it has also just launched a 'Page 3' application that can be downloaded for the iPad.

WARNING: The iPad application and the website promoting it are not suitable for minors. They display mild nudity (in short, topless women in skimpy underwear). For the sake of my blogs, I have pixellated the images here.

The iPad application, just like the web version, is aptly called 'Page 360' - a digital version of Page 3 that gives readers a 360-degree view of their models, with just a swing of the mouse (or a 'flip' of the iPad screen).

According to their website, 'Page 360' "celebrates the 40th anniversary of the national institution by bringing it into the 21st century with our fab new interactive feature".

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