Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coolest and Sexiest Sesame Street Cameos - The Top 10 On Video!

I recently alerted my readers to the banned (for being too sexy) cameo appearance of Katy Perry with Elmo singing her hit, 'Hot N Cold' on Sesame Street... it's extremely important to note that I broke this news in Asian cyberspace long before any of the news or video sites took up on the story - remember, if it's bizarre or seriously WTH in nature, you'll always see it first here at my OMY Star Blog and my Legacy Blog :)

Following on from this, Ms Perry is not the first international superstar to appear on the long-running kids show... Not by any means! Below are what have been considered the Top 10 cameo appearances on Sesame Street - in no particular order - suffice to say, that I am an absolutely HUGE fan of Norah Jones, so I have strategically placed her appearance with Elmo using her hit 'Don't Know Why' to teach about the letter 'Y' at the very top of this list:

Norah Jones and Elmo - "Dont Know Y":

Will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas fame performs 'What I Am' in Sesame Street's 41st season premiere:

James Blunt sings a parody of his hit song "You're Beautiful" - it's called "My Triangle":

LL Cool J and Elmo in an 'addition expedition':

The late Ray Charles and other celebrities teaching the alphabet:

Beyonce and the rest of Destiny's Child with Elmo, singing 'A New Way To Walk':

Canadian singer Feist with monsters - self-composed '1, 2, 3, 4':

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo a lullaby:

Jason Mraz at the Sesame Street laundromat - based on his hit, "I'm Yours":

And of course, the Katy Perry version of Hot N Cold that created the recent controversy:


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Ms Demeanour said...

Hi - I absolutely love this post! I grew up with Sesame street and good to see it's still got the magic (but in a modern day way).