Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Artist Is Only As Good As The Clay With Which He Sculpts

When I began the Urban Homme 'Urban Icon Challenge', there was no doubting that the challenge definitely lay in the hands of Urban Homme's extremely capable and knowledgeable staff. How to reduce the weight, sculpt the body and find a quick fix to the many imperfections that are visible... all in just a matter of weeks!

Of course, the weight reduction is obviously a challenge personally as well - no amount of treatment will swing the calorie intake vs calorie burn in the right direction without some very strict work on my behalf. At least one thing is for certain... sculpting is in fact an art form - and some of the most well known creative geniuses in history have credited their masterpieces with the quality of the clay with which they have had to work.

So there you have it - Urban Homme are weaving their body sculpting magic with a fair number of pounds of clay! And it's all of the highest quality, let me assure you.

The good news is that it's all working and coming together nicely - even if the Urban Homme challenge finished today, I feel transformed already. The improvement I am seeing is motivation in itself to work even harder. This coupled with the 'before' video recently published on the Challenge Microsite (which scared the absolute hell out of me - and every other viewer and reader, I'm sure), along with the beginnings of my younger stomach beginning to become visible again (I can actually see and feel some lines forming... maybe not a six pack yet - perhaps more of a twin or four-pack starting from the top down) are driving me harder than ever before.

Click the picture to view the very scary 'before' video:

Between working long hours (in the office and on late night global conference calls), spending many hours in the gym, running great distances and also spending three sessions a week in the evenings at Urban Homme (almost four hours a session), finding time to be able to blog about the transformation has actually been quite difficult. Having said that, I'm very impressed with the other Icon finalists' well-informed articles over the last week - and it allows for me not to have to lay out the treatments in detail for fear of duplicating our efforts... it sort of feels like cheating at school.

I'm led to believe that my treatments have actually been somewhat more intense and demanding than my fellow transformers - predominately due to the time it takes to sculpt such a large piece of clay to which I've already alluded.

This past week, I've undergone the Diamond Microdermabrasion, Customised Facial, Oxy Face Rejuvenation (Steps 1 and 2) - twice, Inch Loss Program (twice), Bio-Electric Abdominal Sculpt on Tummy (G5), Thermal Eye Therapy, Cold Wrap (brrrrr) and the Detox and Fluid Drainage Program (sweating).

The treatments are so intense and jam-packed, it's been very important to schedule very carefully so as to coincide with all of my other commitments whilst still allowing for my body to recover (ever felt like you've just done 1000 crunches the day before? Or had bruised love handles from a few rounds of mixed martial arts with a UFC side kick champion?... don't get me wrong, the treatment is not that painful - just like any serious rapid physical improvement, it takes some serious work and determination... I would never feel satisfied if I didn't feel the pain after a gym workout).

As I said - the change is already very noticeable - it's wonderful to have friends and colleagues (and even my family) comment on my skin and how much slimmer and fitter I'm looking! And it's not so frightening these days to look in the mirror after my shower. In fact, it's quite rewarding!

The work at the gym (away from the Urban Homme Cocoon) includes many hours of cardio work along with pretty intensive weight training... and of course, very strict control over what is going into my body - I've never counted calories before, but now I've started, it's almost like an obsession. It's like a challenge to see how I can sate myself with as few fats and calories as possible... it's about how much I can increase the gap between in and out.

Of course, I miss my favourite foods from time to time, but the results and the fitness and self-well being I'm achieving far outway the longing of my taste buds!!

Check this out:

Anyway, it all starts again tomorrow - into the office early in the morning, then gym at lunchtime (followed by a tofu salad). Back to the office until early evening before heading down to Ngee Ann City for the next round of treatments!

I've gotta say - besides not sleeping much (thank goodness for the Thermal Eye Therapy to remove those eye rings and bags) because I also need time for the family - Sammi, Jaime and new baby, Casey - this entire journey so far has been (to use Aussie colloquialism) an absolute 'little bloody beauty'!!


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