Thursday, September 23, 2010

Katy Perry - Boobs Too Big For Sesame Street!

The video is pretty hot - but too many parents were very cold about not wanting their kids to be able to see Katy Perry's quite 'ample' chest in the Sesame Street episode where she sings her hit, 'Hot N Cold' to none other than Elmo!

The cameo appearance was filmed back in March this year and has recently found its way onto YouTube. The actual episode was due to be broadcast in the US on New Year's Eve, but after seeing all the negative comments from concerned parents on YouTube, the producers have decided to axe it.

The funniest commentary came from "The New York Magazine" - the journalist there said that the decision to pull the video was "a rather harsh reaction, considering that her scene partner Elmo wasn't wearing anything at all"

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