Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Sexier - Spray On Clothes

Acrylic, linen, wool - or a mixture of all three? You choose the texture of your clothes and how warm or cool they are - it's all about what you decide to spray out of your 'Fabrican'.

What's great about this invention, is that it dosn't matter one iota whether or not I put on weight... I can just break it down with solvent and respray again! It hardens almost straight away.

Particle Engineer, Paul Luckham has teamed up fashion designer, Manel Torres to release the first ever couture collection of clothes that have come straight out of an aerosol can. The range was launched at a fashion parade at London's Imperial College.

The breakthrough "Fabrican" clothes can even be washed and worn over again - just like any other everyday fabric.

Pretty neat hey? (and pretty sexy too)...

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