Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breaking News!! Absolute 'Must Follow' Twitter Of The Year... 郑家恺

This is absolutely breaking news!! For those of my readers who have not been watching any of our 'side projects', you may not be aware that we we are affiliated with the official 'World's Youngest Blogger'. Between now and the next few weeks, this little celebrity will be mixing it up in the real world!! It is critical that you follow him on Twitter at the following account, or you will be missing out on some serious action:


You see, this blogger is not even born yet!! The journey started about 9-months ago with his first article simply being a picture of a positive home pregnancy test kit. Since then, there are have been 'milestone' updates (such as learning if he was a boy or a girl, first 4D ultrasound videos and more).

Today marks the 37th week of the journey and this little fella now weighs more than 3kg. By all accounts, he is ready to take the final steps into the big wide world, with his Mummy's doctor saying to be prepared for any day now - head down, in position - the time is nigh!!

After much 'heated' discussion with my wife, I will need to secretively hide my iPhone in the bottom of my deepest pocket - I have been told quite clearly that if I'm seen using it to post twitter updates from the delivery suite, it will get embedded in some place much more uncomfortable (and much deeper) than my pocket!!

But rest assured - the updates will come and you can follow the 'blow by blow' live action at:


The twitter feeds will also hit the 'Youngest Blogger' website as it happens!! Check out the journey so far and bookmark the blog for all the excitement of the day:

World's Youngest Blogger

Here's the latest 4D Ultrasound video (to cool music) - Casey is hiding his mouth a little with the umbilical chord - but the technology makes for some absolutely mind-numbing and jaw dropping imaging.... in case you didn't guess already - Casey Zheng Jia Kai (郑家恺) is my very own, and I couldn't be more excited right now!


Camemberu said...

Wow we're excited for you too! Last lap now!

The video's been blocked by Youtube though, for having music from Sony or something...darn!

Aussie Pete said...

Thanks Catherine... I did get a message from YouTube that it's blocked in some countries (song is 'What a Wonderful World') but seems to work fine here through Singnet... did you view through an overseas server (like routed through work)?

Camemberu said...

Strange...I was using Starhub's Maxonline. Oh well!