Sunday, August 1, 2010

World Cup 2022 - Breakthrough Japanese Technology

In 2010, the break-through technology for the FIFA World Cup was 3D TV. If Japan win their bid for the 2022 tournament (22nd Edition), officials have vowed to go more than 'one up' by proposing that the actual games will be broadcast around the globe in 'real-time holographic' technology (known as 'Universal Fan Fest').

If this technology is realized, it will mean that more than 360 million fans from 208 countries will be able to watch 3D feeds of the games in their home stadiums as if they were actually in Japan watching it live - this will be achieved by the simultaneous capture of the action using 200 high-definition cameras that will be placed in a 360-degree circle around the stadium.

I'm no tech-junkie, but this all sounds a little far fetched to me... especially since the proposal is also being promoted as 'green' - apparently some of the energy required to operate the required equipment will (somehow) be generated by the crowd's excited screams, cheers and feet stomping. Hmmmm - How, exactly??

According to Jun Murai (director of technology), "despite the idea seeming like something out of a science fiction film... the technology will be up and running as early as 2016".

Check out the video - I personally also really like the idea of the automatic translation technology and 'augmented reality' through iPhone apps...

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