Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pimp My Flight - Eat Ya Heart Out Ludacris!

I'm not sure if it's about sponsorship to subsidise the ever-increasing fuel prices, or if it's just to make the air a more attractive place to travel... whatever the reason, 'Ludacris', popular rapper and host of the hit American TV show 'Pimp My Ride' would probably be impressed at the lengths that some of the airlines go to in order to 'Pimp Their Flights'.

From world famous bikini-clad super models to indigneous Australian art - Check these out:
(photo captions courtesy of news.com.au)

The Swiss Air A340 is all about free love and hospitals:

Sports Illustrated teams up with Southwest Airlines to create this massive spread of model Bar Refaeli:

On board Alaskan Air, which is worse - the token Alaskan chain or the wild Alaskan salmon?:

This Qantas plane sure stands out:

And what would a Swiss Air plane be without a little Swiss folk tale?:

Another aircraft, another model emblazoned across the sky:

Pokemon takes centre stage on this All Nippon Airways flight:

Russia's Boeing 737 aircraft is home to some bright letters and a very odd and uncomfortable looking man:

Is it a bird or a plane on Nok Air?:

A Brazilian soccer player on board an Air France plane:

Remember Tamagotchi? Japan Airlines certainly do:

A play on words for Everts Air Cargo C-46:

We're thinking the pink and purple colour scheme is the lesser of two evils with an airline name like Wizzair:

This Hapag-Lloyd Express is a confusing cross between a race car and a taxi:

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