Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Attract Attention from Airport Customs

WARNING: This is NOT an advertorial. Use of these products is at your own personal risk (and stupidity)

Maybe this says something about my warped sense of humour, but I find these luggage stickers hilarious (available through the Canadian designers, The Cheeky.com). Funny or not, however, I am not very partial to the idea of having a full external and internal body search... and I'm sure many countries would not share in the joke.Therefore I will NOT be taking part in the gag.

Now, when travelling, you can to choose whether to be a cocaine smuggler, kidnapper, money launderer or just 'naughty' from this range of luggage stickers.

The products are actually being marketed as a way to clearly identify your luggage at the carousel (personally, I prefer to tie a piece of red ribbon on the handle of my suitcase, but everyone to their own, I guess).

Let me assure you that customs and airport security will definitely scrutinize you - the very controversial stickers include a bound and gagged flight attendant inside your suitcase, bundles of American dollar notes, a stash of cocaine and a collection of adult toys.

From the company website:

Take a stand against monotonous travel with Suitcase Stickers. Designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable and sure to make you some new friends.

Caution: Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. But you would have figured that out whilst enjoying those cavity searches.
Sizes 16” x 12”

Price $15 each
(not including postage and packing)

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Anonymous said...

Pete, It would only be funny to place it on the luggage of someone for which you have intense feelings of dislike! (While they weren't looking.) And then watch at a safe distance.

Reminds me of when my 12 year old daughter who had packed her bag in haste and barely closed it announced at the airport, "Don't open that it will explode!"