Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strippers And Oil !?

Now I've heard it all!! Of the 1500 claims BP handles daily as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, most are from those involved in the fishing industry - because a fishing ban prohibits them from working. But the latest compensation claim against the energy giant, comes from a strip club in New Orleans. Huh???!!

Proprieters of "The Mimosa Dancing Girls" are claiming that the oil spill is bad for business, because the fishermen who usually frequent the club cannot afford to spend money there.

And it seems that the remaining bulk of recent claimants are no longer fisherman - restaurant waitresses, dock workers, plumbers and electricians who say that their livelihoods are affected are also coming forward with their hat in hand.

According to BP, it has already received 64,000 compensation claims and has paid $104 million to residents along the US Gulf Coast.

BP has publically stated that it would not refuse any claim "where the right documentation was provided".

For a lighter look at this disaster - check out the video below of the BP executives and how they handle a 'spill':


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