Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aussie Pete To Join Global Media - And Aussies Fights Back

This is very large scoop - I have been invited by one of the leading media outlets in Singapore to be one of their 'star' bloggers. This means that my thoughts and words will be monitored by all of the world's major media and news outlets as soon as they're published (not to mention literally millions of new readers).

The official announcement on this will follow. We are currently working behind the scenes to set things up, and we will be going 'live' in early July (watch this space!!)... I will still be maintaining this original 'Aussie Pete' blog, and only certain articles that I select will be published on the new platform. Some of the selected articles will also be translated into Chinese for publication in the Chinese news and media (although this may lead to some more 'opinionated' content, I will continue to remain relatively unbiased - as much as humanly possible). :)

This is a very exciting time and I must express my obvious gratitude to all my loyal readers and subscribers for their keen interest and support which has led to the current exposure of this blog and now the subsequent opportunity to 'have my say' (uncensored) to a much wider audience.


Aussies Fight Back

On another topic, last week I wrote an article "All Aussies Judgemental? That's Just Rude...". This was based around a letter I wrote to Singapore's 'MyPaper' in response to an article by Jamie Yeo two days earlier. Rather than rewrite the entire issue and my concerns, please check out the original article for the background.

It was somewhat of a small win that MyPaper then published my letter on the 10th June (almost in its entirety). It was also then picked up by the AsiaOne news website forum, as well as getting a cool plug on the OMY 2010 Blog Awards website.

Click the image below to read the article from 'MyPaper':


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Anonymous said...

Jamie Yeo is pretty much an air head. Don't need to take her too seriously. Most of us don't anyways. Her article meanders all over the place. It's a bit embarassing when you have an idiot fighting for you and saying the most dumb stuff.