Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Huge Leap For Our Local Singapore Identity

The nerves were amazingly intense as we dressed in preparation to attend our first HDB block party. As someone who has spoken to and lectured high-powered people, from MNC CEOs to Government officials, the 'jitters' were a very strange and unique phenomenon indeed - all just to mingle with my neighbours and local community.

Looking back now, the anxiety was completely uncalled for, but (upon reflection) I do understand what was causing the discomfort for me. You see, here at Segkang West, I am definitely what could be considered a 'minority' in terms of race and heritage. In fact, out of hundreds of attendees, I was the only caucasian.

Like I said though - the concern was completely unwarranted... my family and I were not just 'tolerated' at the function - we were welcomed with a complete and unconditional display of friendship and goodwill.

I would like to offer a huge thank you to all of those people in my community who made us feel 'at home'. I also want to take the opportunity to offer my gratitude to the RC (residents committee) for organizing such a wonderful event.

From the kids having fun with the panda, the fairy floss, ice-creams, popcorn, noodles, drinks, martial arts displays, skits and also the speech by (and personal discussion with) Dr Lam Pin Min (MP for the Ang Mo Kio GRC and Advisor to SengKang West GROs)... we have taken a huge leap forward in our quest for local acceptance.

It is evidence of the general caring and good nature of the fantastic people of Singapore (our new home). Thank you again!!


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